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Do you dream of working in the most dynamically growing sector of aviation? Did you know that flights classified as general aviation constitute the majority of air traffic in the world, and they are operated by more than 362,000 aircraft? In the United States alone, there are only 500 airports which operate according to the regular flight schedule, while more than 5,000 airports provide services for general aviation.

Which of these airport’s development would you like to contribute to?

Choose General Aviation at UITM! Thanks to this study you will join the elite group of students, since we are the only university in Poland, central and Eastern Europe which opens such a course.

General aviation operations are these flights which are not planned in the regular flight schedule. What is more, they do not include holiday charter flights which appear on flight schedules. General Aviation  is a market segment related to air operations, such as small aircraft business flights (aircraft which take on board up to 20 passengers mostly from large corporations, clubs, as well as film stars, etc.) but also glider flights, planes carrying sky-divers and pilot training flights.

We have been carrying out research on the development of aviation market in Poland and around the world for many years, with major emphasis placed on the labour market in the sector. We respond to market needs and signals, talk to our business partners, aviation industry staff, as well as our Aviation Management alumni, who already work for various airlines, airports and companies related to the aviation industry. Our graduates are successful. Be one of them!

Why Study General Aviation?

  • Unique course – the only one in Poland and one of a few in Europe
  • Continuous and rapid development of general aviation in Poland and in the world – potential job vacancies
  • Classes taught by experts and practitioners from abroad
  • Practical approach –students learn through case studies and work in international teams on joint projects
  • Possibility to undergo job placement in companies related to general aviation in Poland and Europe
  • Possibility of a year-long study in the UK under the Double Degree program; bachelor’s degree upon successful completion
  • Studies conducted entirely in English
  • Education in Economics and Management makes your chances of getting a job in various sectors of the air transport market bigger
  • Flexible study mode
  • Extracurricular trips

Study Program:

Students of General Aviation are taught the same subjects as Aviation Management students, but also additional subjects scheduled for each semester in the realm of General Aviation.

  • Earn a Prestigious ARCPort Certificate

The certificate is issued by Transoft Solutions in Vancouver, Canada. You will get it free of charge after the successful completion of the “Aviation Project 2″course, held during 4th semester. The certificate confirms competence in the use of the ARCPort program – an airport operations simulator – at an intermediate level. The certificate will give you the chance to work in one of more than 80 international airports, which make use of this software on an everyday basis. The commercial price of such a certificate is about $ 4,000.

Sample Subjects:

  • Aircraft Financing
  • MRO in General Aviation
  • Terminal Development for General Aviation
  • International and National Regulations in General Aviation
  • General Aviation Operations
  • Airport Management,
  • General Aviation Business
  • Airline Network Management
  • Airline Sales and Yield Management
  • Aviation Marketing
  • Air Navigation and Aircraft Operation

Studies under the Patronage of Lufthansa:

Under the agreement signed with one of the largest airlines in Europe – Lufthansa, you will gain knowledge under the supervision of international experts in aviation.

You will be involved in research conducted for the aviation sector and take part in specialized seminars or conferences. You will establish international contacts which will help you shape your career path.

You will pursue your internship in flight schools in Poland, at renowned international airports providing general aviation services, in Lufthansa Poland, BorgWarner Poland, Pratt & Whitney Rzeszow, and other companies which are part of the Aviation Valley.


  • prof. dr. Eng. Ulrich Desel – professor at International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef-Bonn, owner of Desel Consulting;  long-term experience in international airlines
  • dr Armin Mörz – the owner of Transport Consult; worldwide experience in the airport, air transport and urban transport planning
  • Stephan Strobel – Head of Flight Operations Academy at Lufthansa Aviation Training Operations
  • mgr Serhiy Hontaruk –  practitioner with international experience in the airline industry, holder of IATA certificates.

Expert’s Opinion:

Serhiy Hontaruk

The General Aviation study programme is an excellent choice for aviation enthusiasts. Earnings on the Polish market currently range between 3,000 – 3,500 PLN, but here the market is still in its infancy. If you consider the West and specialists, the earnings range from $4,000 for those entering the market to as much as $7,000 for professionals with experience. Additional education in the field will make one’s chances of getting a job in companies dealing with audits, HR as well as economic and financial analyses bigger. One of the biggest advantages of the specialisation is the university’s experience in running the General Aviation and Aviation Management programmes in the English language. The UITM has been running the study programme for more than 10 years and its graduates find jobs in the aviation sector worldwide.

Practitioner with international experience in the airline industry, i.a. in AECOM National Security Programs for NATO troops in Afghanistan, Ukrainian Helicopters company and AEROSVIT – Ukrainian airline; holder of IATA certificates.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) for UITM students – Click here

If you don’t know how and where to start, we’ll give you a hand.

Thanks to your study at UITM you will get experience essential for your future career.