FACULTY: Management

Students examine a broad spectrum of issues related to economics, with emphasis on various aspects of management in international companies. In the course of studies students learn how to plan and run companies on the global market. They also learn to solve problems and use IT in company management.

A practical approach to teaching is reflected in the practice-oriented coursework

  • Macroeconomics illustrates basic principles combined with the experience of real-life case studies,
  • Statistics course provides a balance between statistical theory and application,
  • Forecast and Simulation are discussed in the context of application to manufacturing, retail, and service industries,
  • Mathematical Economics places emphasis on a substantial amount of interpretation of numerical indicators in the economic context,
  • Accounting deals with the application of accounting concepts and principles to real-life business situations.

Krzysztof Kwiecień,
Deloitte Central Europe Lead HR Director

We employ international students and graduates of UITM. After graduation, our employees often decide to move to Deloitte offices in other countries – also in their home countries, if we have an office there and are currently recruiting people. We appreciate cooperation with the graduates of UITM, because they display highly developed analytical skills, can work on their own and in a team. Primarily, they possess practical skills, which we appreciate the most.”

Graduates obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in International Management and can run their own companies as well as occupy middle management positions.

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Thanks to your study at UITM you will get experience essential for your future career.