FACULTY: Media and Social Communication

Would you like to create special effects like from Hollywood? Do you know who Tomek Bagiński is and are you fascinated by his works? Or maybe were you wondering how it is that Marvel heroes can come to life? If you feel like you could become a big screen magician, these studies will help you grow!

Classes in the field of study are strictly focused on practice. They are conducted by practitioners who deal with multimedia, post-production and special effects on a daily basis. The staff are not only academics teachers, but also people who work in the creative industry. Thanks to this, you have a chance to acquire skills that are very much needed on the labor market. And our training program gives you the opportunity during studies to learn about the entire production process that is used in the creative industry. The studies will also allow for the development of your personality thanks to the implementation of general academic subjects. Your horizons will definitely broaden – also from the point of view of the field of study and specialization you are studying.

A motion image will become your life, and spectacular effects will show you a space to realize your passions. Education process will give you the opportunity to work in a creative team or implement projects for your own clients as a freelancer.

The emphasis was placed on issues related to the post-production process and the creation of special effects, as well as on the implementation of generally understood visualizations (product, architectural).

The study program includes:

  • Concept Design
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Advanced modeling
  • Lighting and rendering
  • Composition of the motion material

What after graduation?

You will graduate with extensive knowledge and skills related to the creative industry and the production process used in it. In particular, you will learn how post-production companies operate (having the opportunity for internships during your studies). You will have skills related to planning multimedia production, preparing inspirational materials, and performing complex projects. Thanks to this specialization, you will be able to develop your skills by practicing at each stage of post-production. You will become a master in issues related to animation and special effects. A comprehensive curriculum will allow you to build a strong position on the labor market.