FACULTY: Applied Computer Science

According to the American business magazine “Forbes”, most job offers in the world will be directed to specialists in IT industry. Choose Computer Science studies and ensure your future.

By studying IT, you open up prospects for your professional development in the intensively developing area of ​​the world economy. The IT profession gives you freedom of choice and a wide range of employment opportunities. For years IT has been an employee’s market, not an employer’s one. With the right knowledge and skills you will easily find an interesting and well-paid job or you will be able to establish and develop your own business.

Computer science studies at UITM are practical – they prepare for the profession. This is guaranteed by the fact that there are used teaching programs and technologies of well-known IT companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Google and many others. In addition, specialization classes are conducted by practitioners and engineers from IT companies.

By studying in English, you gain an advantage in the labour market in the global IT world.

Classes at programming course

The program of specialization is based on two basic skill groups: programming in the most popular and frequently used programming languages in IT and software design. For programming, the student is prepared by a number of courses related to learning the principles of algorithm creation, the use of various programming paradigms and the use of popular programming technologies. Students learn the principles of software design in subjects such as software engineering, requirements engineering and the methodology of CASE tools.

Specialization subjects are taught by experienced engineers and programmers. In addition, the program is supported by Microsoft Imagine Academy, C ++ Institute and Python Institute.

Advantages resulting from the course:

  • preparation for certification exams in programming,
  • the possibility of continuing education at the second cycle studies in the field of advanced programming engineering,
  • acquisition of experience in the application of the latest programming technologies and software,
  • the possibility of taking additional courses from the UITM offer.

Computer Science studies at UITM – the door to success

We allow IT students to develop IT talents and support their innovative business initiatives. For this purpose, the InnoFUND investment fund was established. Computer science students have access to the Academic Incubator of Entrepreneurship. This structure helps to set up your own business and meet the challenges associated with it.

ImagineCup winners

Our students compete and win in many competitions, including international ones. The CERVI team formed by IT students of UITM took 3rd place in the “social projects” category in the national finals of Imagine Cup 2015 – the world’s largest technology competition organized by Microsoft. The team was the only one to receive an invitation to participate in the Polish edition of Dragons’ Den.

According to experts, after graduation you can become:

  • testing specialist (e.g. software tester),
  • team leader,
  • project manager,
  • programmer (C / C ++, Java, .Net, Python),
  • software development specialist,
  • software production engineer (C / C ++, Java, .Net, Python),
  • designer of Internet systems and multimedia presentations,
  • programmer and specialist in mobile systems,
  • specialist in positioning and optimization of websites.

Choose IT and become a pioneer of innovation

At UITM, we recognize and appreciate the work of IT students. We organize, among others “Masters of Innovation” competition to identify innovative ideas, the implementation of which will improve the quality of life of society or bring real business benefits.

Computer Science students are generation of the future

The skills and creativity of Computer Science students at UITM were appreciated by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education in “Generation of the Future” competition. It awarded nearly a quarter of a million zlotys to implement the two winning projects by IT students from UITM. Join IT students and implement your own projects!

Not sure if your English is good enough to study in this language? It is just for you that we have created a course to prepare you to study in English!

If you don’t know how and where to start, we’ll give you a hand.

Thanks to your study at UITM you will get experience essential for your future career.