FACULTY: Media and Social Communication

If you are interested in computer graphics, you are creative and you like to create, then these studies will definitely give you the opportunity to develop.

Classes in this field are focused on practice. Most of them are conducted  by practitioners who deal with graphic design, multimedia graphics and branding on a daily basis. This allows you to acquire skills you actually need in the labour market.

Studies also mean personality development. The fact that you also study general academic subjects will broaden your horizons – also with respect to studied subjects and specialization.

Graphics will make you be in your element and will become a motive power for your continuous development.  It will be the space in which you will pursue your passions. During your studies, you will acquire skills that will allow you to work as a valuable member of a creative team or implement projects for your own clients as a freelancer.

The specialization is implemented from the 4th semester at the first cycle studies, but from the first semester you will deal with interesting projects and tasks.

This specialization is focused on issues related to marketing communication of enterprises, Public Relations and advertising, as well as branding.

The study program includes:

  • Typography
  • DTP
  • Advertisement Forms Workshop
  • Branding
  • Brand and Corporate Identity System Design
  • Graphic Design Workshop.

And what after graduation?

As a graduate, you will have extensive knowledge and skills related to graphic design, in particular for marketing purposes. Thanks to acquired skills you will be able to carry out complicated graphic projects confidently moving in meanings, psychology and colours. Thanks to comprehensive curricula you will be able to build your own high position in the labour market.

If you don’t know how and where to start, we’ll give you a hand.

Thanks to your study at UITM you will get experience essential for your future career.