UITM – a leader in Poland among HEIs in the use of IT

UITM is the first university in the country which implemented an integrated system of managing a university, whose advantages are taken by students on an everyday basis by using Virtual University ( Apart from that, we introduced the first in Poland Electronic Student Card (ELS) and electronic student record book which replaced the paper one. As a result, the 2010/2011 academic year was the first in which there were no student record books. 

Virtual Dean’s Office

VDO gives access to information about studies, such as schedule, grades and credits, plans of studies, lecturers, and valid announcements. It also allows to choose subjects as part of a flexible study system and a diploma thesis supervisor. 

Virtual Bursar’s Office

The VBO allows access to financial matters:  payment due dates, scholarship, interest rates, etc. 

E-mail Box

An e-mail box is automatically assigned to each student. Thanks to it detailed information concerning grades, tuition fees and other payments, changes in class schedules, regulations and important events at the Uni, is forwarded to students’ e-mail boxes. 

Online Consultation

Not only can you hold online consultation and have access to learning materials, but you can also choose the elective subjects, your diploma thesis supervisor, as well as, send your thesis to have it checked for plagiarism. It is also possible to take an online exam.  

Online Library

By using our online library, you can search,  reserve and borrow books. Once you book is  ready to be issued, you receive an e-mail. 

Information Kiosks

You can log into the system by inserting your ELS in the reader, and you instantly get access to the university database, including the Dean and Bursar’s Offices. 

Distance Learning

Some classes are carried out as DL. One gets access to courses by using a web browser, then learns and solves tasks and finally sets up exam dates with lecturers. Students can also get access to free of charge DL classes in other specialisations, which they will get a certificate for. 

Text Messages

Thanks to text messages and voice information gateway (Interactive Voice Response – IVR), you specify the range of information you receive, i.a. a course of study, tuition fees and grades. 

Free Software

The UITM’s cooperation with various IT companies gives you an opportunity to download a lot of software to your  own PC or laptop. Thanks to this you will get ready for classes and work on your projects anywhere you wish.


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