International Certificates

UITM students are given the opportunity to acquire numerous certificates such as language, IT and business ones. Having such a certificate – recognized both in Poland and abroad – proves one’s knowledge and skills necessary to perform in specific areas, but also increases their attractiveness on the labour market. The diploma supplemented by an international certificate proves a graduate’s high qualifications. The certificate is the first step to a successful career not only in Poland, but also in the whole world!


  • 100,000 granted language, IT and business certificates
  • 30,000 IT Certificates
  • 70,000 Language certificates
  • 1,000 Business certificates

The UITM Centre for Foreign Languages has extensive experience in implementing certified educational solutions. Its activity is in line with the requirements of the Bologna Process and the provisions of the Council of Europe on multilingualism. Examinations continue the long-standing tradition of European language certificates, which for decades have contributed to the development of foreign language teaching not only in Europe but also in the whole world.

The Centre for Foreign Languages at UITM is the examination centre of many renowned national and international institutions:

  • The European Language Certificates (telc),
  • London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI),
  • Educational Testing Service Global (ETS),
  • Pearson Test of English General (PTE),
  • Certificate in Polish as a foreign language issued by the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

Examination Centres of the “UITM network” conducted over 75,000 TELC, LCCI, ETS, PTE and Certification Exams in Polish.

TELC, LCCI IQ and ETS Global are language certificates recognized by the Ministry of Interior and Administration as certificates confirming knowledge of a foreign language; by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as a proof exempting from a PhD examination in the field of modern foreign language (Regulation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of 22 September 2011) ) and in the qualification procedure for civil servants (ordinance of the Prime Minister of December 16, 2009). In August 2017 TELC examinations entered into the ministerial list of professional qualifications for teachers as accredited and therefore, exams on levels from B2 to C2 are recognized as the ones which give the right to exercise the profession of a foreign language teacher (Ordinance of the Minister of National Education of 1 August 2017 on specific qualifications required from teachers).

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Centre for Foreign Languages E-mail address: tel: 17 866 11 29, 17 866 11 30

Microsoft Imagine Academy

The University of Information Technology and Management has been an authorized Microsoft training centre within the Imagine Academy program for several years now. The contracts concluded with Microsoft allow the university to offer authorized training to students.

As one of a few universities in the country, we can boast about a full training programme resulting from having the highest form of certification combined with the Prometric and VUE examination centre. In the academic year 2016/2017 we trained ca. 250 people.

A very important aspect of the training programme offered within the Imagine Academy is that some training is offered to UITM students free of charge as part of their study course.

The subject of training depends on the syllabus:

  • Programming (coding skills using the latest tools and techniques);
  • IT infrastructure (IT administration skills and solutions based on the cloud platform);
  • Learning about data (introduction to the concepts and tools of data learning);
  • Productivity (proficiency in productivity applications widely used in business).

The Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certificate confirms professional knowledge in the field of IT (e.g. range of infrastructure, programming) thanks to rigorous exams recognized globally.

MCP exams cover a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies and solutions. After passing the first MCP qualifying exam, you automatically obtain the “title” of Microsoft Certified Professional and get access to the benefits of MCP. Thanks to the exam, you can also join a community of millions of MCP members, which is joined by thousands of new ones each month. Once the status of the MCP is received, you can further develop by earning certificates, such as Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD).

MCP qualification exams include all the exams required by the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), MCSE, MCSD and Microsoft Specialist.

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Artur Skoczylas email address: tel: 17 866 14 19

  European Computer Driving License ECDL In a dynamically developing information society, the importance of ECDL can be compared to having a driving license; of course, you can live without it, but it makes your life much easier. Benefits for the ECDL certificate holder:

  • confirmation of your competences,
  • an increase in the position on the labour market,
  • greater certainty of maintaining employment,
  • increased mobility,
  • increased chances on the labour market in Europe and around the world.

The ECDL is issued and honoured in 150 countries worldwide and can be taken in 41 languages. To this date, around 11 million ECDL certificates have been issued in the world, out of which over 140,000 in Poland. At the ECDL Examination Centre No. 0001 at the University of Information Technology and Management since June 2001 up to today, over 10,000 people have received the ECDL certification. Learn more! Details of the certification process and full offer of certificates along with the price list can be found at Contact details: Tomasz Słodziński e-mail address: tel: 17 866 11 33

ORACLE Academy

The Oracle Academy cooperates with thousands of institutions in 120 countries worldwide and supports over 3.5 million students in the field of IT education, developing their competencies and skills within the products offered by Oracle Inc. As part of the cooperation, UITM offers IT training in programming in Java language, administration and programming of Oracle database and many other products. For educational purposes, students can use Oracle software free of charge on their own computers by downloading it from the dedicated Oracle websites.

Approximately 50 students take part in the training each year, which amounts to 500 people so far.

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Wiesław Stręciwilk

e-mail address:

tel: 17 866 14 22

Cisco Academy

The Cisco Network Academy Certification is a globally recognised international professional qualification in the field of tele-information. The Networking Academy program offers a modern educational platform which includes practical teaching methods contributing to the participants’ success on the labour market.

Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA)

CCNA plays the role of a fundamental certification confirming key skills in the field of computer networks, is a great pass to one’s career in the industry, or to continue learning as a network solutions specialist.

Cisco Certified Networking Associate – Security (CCNAS)

CCNA Security uses the key knowledge acquired through CCNA courses and extends them with the aspect of network security and methods of security of network devices along with issues related to the creation of a safe work environment. CCNA Security provides a solid foundation for future data protection and information specialists.

Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP)

CCNP extends the acquired knowledge to the professional level. The course program provides a detailed analysis of threads related to advanced network technologies. Computer network professionals gain practical skills which focus on modern business solutions.

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Kamil Dembowski e-mail address: tel:17 866 14 20

European Senior Logistician

European Senior Logistician Certificate is the international standard qualification of logistic skills offered by the European Logistics Association. It is the basis for international certification of logistics skills in 30 countries, especially in the European Union.

The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow is the third university in Poland which has successfully passed the audit of the European Senior Logistician study programmes.

One can receive the Certificate of European Senior Logistician while studying at UITM. It is an important proof of managerial skills in logistics. By completing the study programme and having grade B in the diploma, you will receive a certificate which – taken outside UITM – would cost at least PLN 5,000, not including preparatory courses.

The Certificate is intended for people who are responsible for planning, coordination, control and development of logistics in companies and logistics consultancy. It confirms the knowledge in the following fields: functioning of supply chains, supply management, warehouse, transports, purchases and shares, production planning.

Having obtained the required experience and qualifications approved by authorized assessors, you will be given a chance to get the full European Senior Logistician Certificate without the obligation to take exams in logistics management. The UITM diploma will serve as the main certificate which proves such knowledge.

Expert’s opinion

The European Senior Logistician Certificate is recognized in many countries – in Europe and beyond – as a certificate of a mid-level logistics manager. In order to receive this qualification, one has to pass 6 exams related to the functioning of supply chain, supply management, warehouse, transports, purchases and shares, production planning, etc. One also has to prove at least 5 years’ experience as a logistics manager or consultant in logistics projects. It is a big challenge, also financial one. Most people pay for courses and preparatory trainings, yet only exams cost almost 5,000 PLN. This is what a UITM graduate – whose study programme is officially recognized as “knowledge equivalent” – receives free of charge. It is worth mentioning, that only several hundred people in Poland possess the European Senior Logistician Certificate. It is still not much, so every holder of this document will be much more competitive on the labour market.

dr Krzysztof Feret, PhD

certificated European Senior Logistician

Faculty of Logistics and Process Engineering

University of Information Technology and Management

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Krzysztof Feret, PhD


  Digital Marketing Qualification DIMAQ is the first standardization and verification programme of digital marketing competencies in Poland. It defines the level of essential knowledge and qualification of specialists in the field of digital marketing. The programme methodology was analysed by experts appointed by IAB Poland under the substantive guidance of the Industry Competence Council IAB Poland. The exam is conducted by UITM while the certificate is issued by IAB Poland. The certification programme has been recommended by IAB Europe since 2016 and each year more and more European countries place it on the market. DIMAQ is already available in Greece, Slovenia, Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can successfully prepare for the exam during the two-semester (150h) inter-departmental specialization in Digital Marketing (Internet Marketing) – a course accredited by IAB Poland. UITM graduates of this specialization take the exam at preferential terms. Benefits for the DIMAQ certificate holder: – confirmation of digital marketing qualifications – exclusive access to the digital marketing knowledge base – discounts on industry events – an advantage in creating one’s career development path – the certificate is recognized and approved by the industry and among marketers Over 800 specialists in Poland already possess the DIMAQ certificate issued by IAB Poland. DIMAQ Certificate can be taken at two levels: general (professional) and specialized (expert) in the areas of efficiency and communication (since 2018). The certificate has its own number and limited validity. For more information go to Contact details: Iwona Leonowicz-Bukała e-mail: 17 866 15 00 Łukasz Bis e-mail: 17 866 11 80 Ewa Opach e-mail: 735 911 657 WARSAW STOCK EXCHANGE CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETING A COURSE IN FUNDAMENTALS OF STOCK MARKET TRADING

The course programme is run by the Stock Exchange Foundation in the cooperation with the University of Information Technology and Management under the honorary patronage of the Stock Exchange in Warsaw.

In the Stock Market School programme, we offer a “Stock Market” course at Intermediate level which is completed in five lectures and covers 13 hours in total. Attendees of the Stock Market Trading Basic Course and other interested people are invited to take part in it. The classes include issues related to derivatives and Turbo certificates, fundamental and technical analyses (candlesticks and their types, the formation of change and continuation, oscillators and indicators, portfolio theory). The course is regularly run at the Financial Laboratory in the UITM Centre for International Education in Kielnarowa. Attendees of the course receive a certificate of completing the course which is issued by the Stock Exchange in Warsaw. Learn more:

Contact details: Agata Gemzik-Salwach E-mail: +48 17 86 61 488

eDOK Certificate

The eDOK Certificate (preceded by a 10-hour-course) is free of charge certificate issued by the Central Information Centre and UITM . It confirms one’s skills of using an electronic document circulation system (eDOK) in public administration. It is useful in public administration bodies at various level.

So far 219 people have been awarded the certificate, including both UITM and Post-Graduate Study Centre students.

Who can receive the certificate?

– UITM students: within the Digital Administration specialisation or participants of the free of charge course

– Post-Graduate Study Centre students: as part of the “Public administration with the e-administration elements” postgraduate study.

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Kamilla Kurczewska E-mail: 17 866 11 35

Certificate of ‘Legislator’

This certificate is issued by the ABCPro sp. z o.o. company and UITM. It is free of charge certificate preceded by a 10-hour-course, confirming skills of using the LEGISLATOR – a program creating electronic legal acts. The certificate is useful in public administration bodies at various level.

So far 148 people have been awarded the certificate, including both UITM and Post-Graduate Study Centre students.

Who can get the certificate?

– UITM students: within the Digital Administration specialisation or participants of the free of charge course

– Post-Graduate Study Centre students: as part of the “Public administration with the e-administration elements” postgraduate study.

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Kamilla Kurczewska E-mail: 17 866 11 35

ARCPort Certificate

The certificate, which is issued by Transoft Solutions Company from Rotterdam, is free of charge after Aircraft Project 2 is successfully completed (semester 4 – Aviation Management). The certificate confirms intermediate skills in using of ARCPort software, which is a simulator of the airport work. Over 80 international airports use this software. The commercial cost of such a certificate is near 4,000 dollars.

UITM is the only university in Poland and one of the three in the world whose students have the opportunity to receive the certificate.

So far ca. 60 UITM students got the certificate out of 260 who took part in the training. These are the only people in Poland who have such a certificate.

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Michał Nędza e-mail: 17 866 11 97

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