Students’ Organizations

Students can develop their skills and interests by joining student organisations or unions, i.a.

Student Self-Government represents students’ interests before the university authorities and prevents the violation of university regulations. It acts to advocate students’ interests.

The UITM Graduates’ Club integrates alumni of the University of Information Technology and Management. By supporting graduates’ initiatives, it strengthens ties between the University and its graduates, assists in students` professional development, and furthers their business ideas.

The University communicates with club members via the online service:  Through this site, each student can find something interesting, i.e. photos from graduations and reunions, alumni success stories, and even cooperation opportunities in different areas.

Are you a UITM graduate? Sign up and play a part in creating an active community of UITM graduates. Membership is free of charge.

Academic Sports Association was established in 1997. The club’s main aim is to promote and develop academic sports activity by participating in local tournaments and championships since 1998. The association has held Private Higher School Championships since 1999. There are nine sports sections in the Academic Sports Association: football, men and women’s judo, men and women’s volleyball, men’s basketball, skiing, yachting and tourism.

 Students can develop their interests and a passion for knowledge in the following scientific interest groups, i.e.

We are Aviation Management students interested in every aspect of aviation. Our main goal is to take joint actions in the field of Aviation Management and related scientific fields. We accomplish our goals through:

  • participation in conferences, competitions and  study visits
  • organization of open lectures, conferences and seminars at the university
  • taking part in regular meetings during which current problems and trends related to the aviation market are discussed.
Subjects of meetings:
  • Analysis of aviation topics popular among public opinion
  • Discussions about the potential development of the field of study
  • Analysis of historical ups and downs of major aviation companies
  • Evenings with aviation films
  • Interesting facts
  • Opportunities for professional development in the industry
Realized projects
  • A field trip to the Lublin Airport as part of the Open Day
  • “Control – the Highest Form of Trust” – an open lecture by Maciej Pasierb, air traffic controller at the Kraków-Balice International Airport
  • An open lecture by Mr Łukasz Sikora, head of marketing at Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport, sp. z o.o.
  • Participation in the competition “Get away from Rzeszów in the Spring Time!” Organized by Rzeszów-Airport. ‘Closer to You’
  • Organization of the aviation panel as part of the conference “Learning and Passion – the Key to Success”
  • Open lecture entitled “Civil Aviation in Poland – full of Surprises Development?” Delivered by Mr. Zbigniew Mączka – Chief of the Rzeszów Delegation of the Civil Aviation Office
  • Organization of a field trip to the Kraków-Balice Airport, combined with a visit to security restricted areas
  • Participation in the “Current problems of Aviation Law” National Conference.
mgr Ewa Szymkowicz,
mgr Michał Nędza,
mgr Sumeer Chakuu,

Institute for the Research on Civilizations was established in October 2006. It brings together UITM students of all nationalities. Meetings, which take place on average once a month, focus on the multicultural world and are conducted in Polish, English and Ukrainian languages.

In addition to the meetings, students participate actively in organizing and conducting events on behalf of the Institute for the Study on Civilizations, including Australian, Kazakh and Malaysian Days, Christmas Eve and Easter or the Letter Writing Marathon in cooperation with the Amnesty International. In addition, the club members conduct multicultural workshops for students of secondary schools from the Podkarpackie region.

Members of the Institute for the Research on Civilizations scientific interest club also participate in lectures and seminars organized by the institute, as well as take an active part in national and international conferences.

dr Zofia Sawicka,
mgr S.K. Mazur,

The English  Club – is a students’ initiative, which aims at practicing English, integrating  students into an international group, exchange of experiences, opinion and cultures. Participants organize meetings themselves, they propose topics for reflection, prepare materials, conduct discussions, suggest different games. All this takes place in a nice, relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a cup of tea and pleasant music.

Students also go out together from time to time, e,g. to an Indian restaurant, a bowling or billiard club.

For me our English club is a place where I can improve my language skills by live communication without being afraid of looking stupid. In my opinion, it is a great way to actually practice the language but also to make new friends. I am glad that our University inspires young people from all over the world to share their thoughts, learn something new and even discuss things that really matter, but in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, with no place for prejudices and anger – says Anastasia Droniuk – an English Philology student.

Being part of the English Club has been a great experience. I have met lots of awesome new people from different countries, I improved my English, and most importantly, I had lots of fun during every single meeting – mentions Michał Fornal, a Psychology in Management student.

A great place to meet and chill with people from all around the world while training your English skills – adds Andre Pinto, an exchange student of Information Technology.

You are more than welcome to join our Club! Our meetings are held every Thursday at 6 p.m. in RA 212. Your level of proficiency does not matter and we don’t mind if you are late, since we know that your classes might last longer.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

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