A moment of joy and laughter for children, as well as a moment of peace and relaxation for their mothers and guardians. This is what we want to offer to refugees from Ukraine who, after the dramatic experiences in their country and the difficult journey across the border, are now safe in our city.

We invite everyone to the safe and friendly space in the IQ Academic Club, where children and adolescents will find interesting activities and care, and adults will be able to sit down, rest and drink coffee. Simply: „Come and rest” / „Прийди та відпочинь”!

For over five weeks we have a lot of activities for children as well as for their parents. For children, we have prepared Polish language lessons. Thanks to fun activities provided by teachers from the Center for Foreign Languages of the UITM, our young students can learn basic polish words. What is more we have also movie screenings on the big screen (of course there is a popcorn).

When children and young people take care of their matters, their mothers and caregivers are able to sit down and rest. Over coffee and tea, they are able to talk in peace or use computer stations with wi-fi to take care of urgent matters. We have also prepared a help for people in need of psychological support from the Academic Center for Psychotherapy and Development at UITM. Additionally our lawyers from the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Rzeszów provide legal advice to everyone who needs this kind of support.

Our UITM support center started on March 8. Our club room is open from March 8, everyday from 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. In the following days, we will continue our classes, we are planning, among others, robotics workshops and a capoeira show. We invite all instructors, animators and people of culture who would like to help Ukrainian refugees staying in Rzeszów with their activities.  For over five weeks we provide many activities starting with Polish language classes, English language classes, IT classes through support in finding a job, applying for PESEL number, support in opening a bank account. We do what we can to help people who come to us everyday. We encourage everyone who want to join us to come to our IQ Club and engage. Thanks to volunteers and our business partners we have created a place that was needed for people who were forced to leave their houses and their country.

We kindly ask you for help in passing on the information about the day-room among the Ukrainian community in Rzeszów.

What is more, we encourage everyone to see the short video where majority of provided activities are included.

Our friendly space in the IQ Club is developed volunteers and employees of UITM, as well as employee-related institutions and organizations. We will open cooperation with people and institutions that will help us expand activities for children and services, as well as with catering companies that are serviced to provide guest service to guests. Interested persons please contact us by e-mail at: iq@wsiz.edu.pl.

Taking this opportunity we would also like to thank to all people who supported us. We are grateful so many amazing people as well as companies helped us to create this safe for Ukrainians place.

We ended the last week with a very pleasant surprise. We received a dozen of laptops from the Mobico company and passed them on to Ukrainian students. So far, we have handed over the first part of laptops, they have been given to children who are currently participating in online classes, for example at their school in Ukraine. Both the children and their mothers were very grateful. We know that this equipment will be very useful for them.