STUDENT: Zhansaya Bakytzhankyzy, Kazakhstan;
HOST UNIVERSITY: Ozyegin University (Istanbul, Turkey)

Erasmus Story UITM

We bought tickets, packed our luggage and we were on our way to a new part of our life. When we just came to Turkey we were met by a very nice girl Eylül with whom we still keep in touch by the way. At that moment I thought that all Turkish people are the same kind and helpful and I was right.

A campus of our university in Istanbul was new and so cool. We met a lot of new friends with whom we spent time during our stay there. All teachers of Ozyegin University were so professional and they tried to pay more attention to exchange students. We had some interesting courses like equestrianism, yoga and swimming which we cannot have here in Poland. Overall all this mobility were full of fun and I think that each student has to experience it once in their life.

Erasmus Story UITM

After my study mobility in Istanbul, I directly went to Antalya to do my Erasmus Internship. I want to start with the fact that it was the best internship ever. When I just came there all workers met me very warmly. Then they provide me with different types of job where I could do my internship and I chose to be a guest relation agent. Internship offer provided me with an apartment in the hotel which was located very close to the sea.

They also provided me 3 times food in the main restaurant of the hotel. And all the conditions of the job were good. In the beginning, they didn’t give me so many works to do but then when they found out that I can handle this work they trusted me and treated like a real worker. After that job, I feel like I am ready for all types of job in the future. I met new people and we became so good friends in so short period of time.

I learned a little about the hotel business, I learned how to provide good quality service, to solve problems in a short time and speak with the customers. I spent there for almost three months and I think it was partly internship and vacation. Thank you for this kind of experience in my life.