Apparently, most of the songs are about love. Some people say that even all of them. Well, at least a couple of them will be sung today by our “UITM has got talent” finalists at the post-Valentine’s Day concert.

UITM has got talent is an event during which our students have an opportunity to present their various talents on our IQ Club’s stage. This is the second time our all editions finalists will perform in a love-themed concert. In addition to songs, there are romantic choreography dances and funny poems about female-male relationships provided.

This year students can make their wishes come true via Valentine’s post. There is also a kissing challenge – a competition for the longest kiss.

Love confessions and wishes can be sent to

20th of February (Wednesday), 19:00, IQ Club (UITM’s main building), 2 Sucharskiego Street, free entry.