U-Multirank grows into one of the most popular university rankings not only in Europe, but also in the whole world. In the 2018 edition, more than 1,600 universities from 95 countries were evaluated. UITM from Rzeszów, Poland was ranked high, thus ranking among the top rated Polish universities. The university obtained the highest marks, i.e. A or B in several categories.

U-Multirank is created by prestigious European institutions which evaluate the system of higher education. The ranking is also supported by the European Commission.

U-Multirank offers students, their parents and other interested people a valuable look at higher education through a number of parameters, which are desired when choosing a university. It also helps to stimulate healthy competition between universities – emphasizes Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport in EU.

U-Multirank is a tool that compares universities on many levels. The rating  is made by evaluating a university – within each of over 30 indicators – and giving it one of five marks, i.e. from A (very good) to E (poor). It is worth mentioning, that the results are also based on a survey conducted on nearly 100,000 students.

The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow is the only university in Podkarpackie province that has been included in U-Multirank. Among Polish universities, apart from UITM, the following have been evaluated: the University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, University of Gdańsk and SWPS University. Worth mentioning is the fact, that quite a few well-known universities from around the world, such as Harvard University, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, take part in the ranking.

UITM obtained the highest marks, i.e A (very good) and B (good), in 13 indicators, i.a. the percentage of first and second cycle graduates who found their first job in the region; the number of scientific achievements in the art related output; the number of spin-offs; the percentage of graduates who have completed their studies on time, as well as the number of professional publications per academic staff and programs conducted in a foreign language.

This ranking is particularly important for university candidates. It gives them a great opportunity to compare – in a reliable way – universities from around Europe. The University of Information Technology and Management has been taking part in the ranking from its very beginning,  each time scoring high marks – sums up Dominik Łazarz, UITM spokesperson.

To check the detailed results of U-Multirank 2018, please go to the ranking website.