Changes associated with ubiquitous digitization have an impact on almost all areas of life. A special area and at the same time a challenge are transformations related to the shaping of a new entrepreneurship model based largely on digital technologies.

Thanks to the possibility of using dedicated digital platforms – and thus reducing the costs that an entrepreneur must incur with starting and running a business – being a business owner becomes simpler and available to almost all people with initiative. For entrepreneurs of the “digital age” this will have a significant impact in the long run on generating new sources of income as well as on reducing operating costs. Cooperation based on digital entrepreneurship will determine new directions and opportunities for conducting business. Thanks to digitization, the ways of acquiring new customers and the design of products and services tailored to their needs will change significantly. Considering the above trends in the economy in the coming years, it is necessary to inspire digital entrepreneurship and awareness in many directions. It is the new generations of people who are resourceful and convinced of the value of doing business based on the world of digital services that will become an indicator of creating a new and better reality for future generations. These expectations are met by the Inspiring Digital Entrepreneurship and Awareness (IDEA) project prepared as part of the Erasmus Strategic Project by the IFRA team in cooperation with the University of Dubrovnik and partners from countries such as Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Romania and Belgium. The project aims to increase the chances of professional success for students. It will also contribute to raising awareness of higher education institutions and educational authorities about the potential of digital competences and entrepreneurial skills as well as their role as factors of business success.