The finals of Academic Championships of Podkarpackie province in men’s volleyball were held on Kielnarowa campus yesterday.
In the UITM’s division there were: Polytechnics of Rzeszow and PWST-E Jarosław. In the other division, which also competed for semi-finals, there were: the University of Rzeszow, PWSZ Krosno and PWSZ Sanok.

The first match with PWST-E Jaroslaw was dominated  by our players. The match lasted for about 35 minutes and finished with the result 2:0. The second match, with a strong team of the Polytechnics of Rzeszów, last year’s vice-champions, finished with the result 2:0. It  guaranteed the first place in semi-finals for us. In the knockout stage, we beat the University of Rzeszów 2:0, winning the first set 27:25 and the second one 25:20. In the parallel game, Krosno won with Polytechnics 2:00, and it was PWSZ Krosno that we played with in the finals of Podkarpackie province championships.

After a short break, the final match began. A lot of spectators gathered in the Kielnarowa sports hall to watch the game. No wonder; there played  1st and 2nd  league players. Unfortunately, while our team started to feel consequences of the exhausting semi-final match,  new PWSZ Krosno players were entering the court. This fact had a huge impact on the final result:  we lost 0:2,  but … WE BECAME VICE-CHAMPIONS OF PODKARPACKIE PROVINCE!

What is more, we qualified to the Academic Polish Championships, which will take place in Lublin this year.  Also, the title of the best quarterback was awarded to Michał Środa – our player and coach.

The UITM volleyball team consisted of:

1) Michał Środa – coach 
2) Maciej Świst
3) Piotr Groszek
4) Konrad Mucha
5) Patryk Napiórkowski
6) Kamil Waszczuk
7) Damian Liśkiewicz

Congratulations to all the players and coach! We keep our fingers crossed for the finals in the Academic Volleyball Championships in Poland! Good luck!