Chair of Economics and Finance

The lion’s share of research conducted in the Chair of Economics and Finance concentrates on monitoring the vacancy market through online job offers, improving methods of that analysis and deepening both cyclical and structural dimensions of the analysis. With that data, we continue the process of improving the method for monitoring skills mismatch in the labour market at a detailed level. The Chair also contributes to research on non-extensive entropy econometrics for high-frequency series, productivity spillover effects from Foreign Direct Investments located in Poland, and – last but not least – methods for forecasting the stock market and currency exchange market, including cryptocurrencies.


Scientific research projects financed from external sources:

The method of continuous monitoring of educational mismatch on the labour market at a detailed level
Project Manager: Robert Pater, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof.
The main aim of the project was to improve the effectiveness of cooperation between science and education and the business environment by developing a method of continually assessing the educational mismatch between labour supply and demand for work at a detailed level, i.e. a mismatch regarding the field of education, qualifications and competences, and examining their causes. The main result of the project is the development and access to a method of continuous monitoring of detailed adjustment of the education sector to the requirements of the labour market on the example of Poland. The project results also include: a detailed assessment of educational mismatches on the labour market and conclusions for education policy and the labour market.
Period of implementation: 28.06.2017–27.05.2019
Financing: Program Dialog MNiSW ( 0127/DLG/2017/10 )

Research financed from the subsidy of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education:

Analysis of financial statements of business entities (Desk Research) using Text Mining techniques
Project Manager: Ulyana Dzyuma-Zaremba, M.Sc.
The aim of the research is to verify whether the information contained in the report on operations, which is an integral part of financial statements, has significant information qualities in terms of forecasting bankruptcy. The audit will cover entities registered in the Rzeszów District Court whose financial statements are not subject to audit by a certified auditor. The research group will be economic entities registered in the District Court in Rzeszów, which in the years 2017–2018 have been declared bankrupt or have been subject to restructuring proceedings.
Period of implementation: 2019–2020

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